Friday, July 2, 2010

Leather Carrying Case iPad 3G tablet

Posted on 10:38 PM by texo

If you have an iPad realize that the screen is like the iPhone and very sensitive to external light from the sun, windows, or light bulbs. Adjusting the angle slightly takes care of the problem, but the iPad surface is metal that is virtually frictionless (i.e. it slides all over the place if you try to prop it up for better viewing). In my opinion you want a case that allows you to use the device while still in the case.

If you are going to use this in an airplane, breakfast table, etc. you need a cover that allows you to adjust the viewing angle. This case allows you to stand the device upright vertically and horizontally. The fit of the case is OK, but not quite snug enough. The edges of the case are a little too big and cover a VERY small part of the screen. All the buttons/charging port are available when in the case.

I didn't notice any strange smells as mentioned by other reviewers.

The case looks nice, but it's the thinnest leather (or faux leather) you have ever seen in your life. However, I didn't spend $50 so I am satisfied.

If you plan to watch a lot of video, this is a good case for the $.

If you are fine spending $50 for a case then buy something that is better quality and fit

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