Friday, May 21, 2010

Music Productions. Sonar or Pro Tools?

Posted on 7:42 AM by texo

Cakewalk sonar is musician application for producing an audio project. This software has long been grown by the name of Cakewalk Pro Audio, which later changed its name to Sonar. This software is based on midi and audio. The midi editing tools is very comprehensive and allows users. While for audio based on the editing is pretty good too. In practice the musicians prefer this because the midi editing software is very complete. While for audio recording applications, this software is not recommended because of various weaknesses, such as audio drop out problem. This software is only running on PC.

Pro Tools is also an application for producing an audio project, which was previously more inclined to the audio recording and editing. But lately, especially for its most recent Pro Tools 8. In Pro Tools 8, midi editing is also quite good. But practically, and since a long ago, this software is familiar using on studio based on recording and audio editing. This software is running on PC or MAC.

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